The impact of our albinism awareness program in Kenya

A few weeks ago we run several albinism awareness training sessions together with our local NGO partner Chris at the Making More Health house.

The participants were teachers, nurses, governmental health workers and people with albinism and their families.

Due to Covid 19 and the precaution measurements taken only 15 people could participate in one session. The demand for participation was much higher.

It was a face to face meeting combined with some integrated webinars where people from others parts could join. So, our social entrepreneur Jane Waithera and her team from Positive Exposure, Nairobi and also our Making More Health Team could actively share information.

Listen to a clinician who participated in the training. Find out what he thinks about these training sessions to raise more knowledge on the topic of albinism:

A clinician describes the impact of the albinism awareness sessions

Click here to see the Video.

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