Some good news from our MMH house. But generally the situation is getting worse – help please!

Our Making More Health house is getting known in Western Kenya. After the awareness training sessions on albinism that we offered together with GAASP NGO to teachers, health care workers and other local stakeholders, now even more people with Albinism are joining. We have registered and involved in our program now ca 155 people with Albinism and their families.

In the house a lot of training sessions on Health, Hygiene and Soap Making take place. Also some income generation activities have started to empower the people with albinism to be able to care about themselves.

The awareness on our activities now has expanded from Bungoma county even to Kakamega, Trans-Nzoia County plus Busia counties. The situation in all these countries is very critical. Generally the infrastructure, health access and the income of the people, especially living in the rural areas is very poor.

However, the actual situation is very bad – people lack of food and basics

Now, with the Covid-19 crises the situation is really bad. There are a lot of people who do not even know anymore on how to pay for food. It’s many people from the surrounding around, not our community of people with albinism. Young and elderly. People who just trust and see the good things that happen in the MMH house.

And the need is getting bigger day by day…

As Chris, our local social worker wrote today, Jamhuri day;“ We are celebrating our Jamhuri day in Kenya. This is Kenya’s Independence Day from the Britush. Many people today came to the MMH office with the hope to get help, especially the less fortunate within this community. For getting some food and support. I shared what we had, but the need is much bigger…“

The crises is going to threaten people’s life.

Many people are dispensation looking for some income. Also some tailoring women I’m working with on a personal level.

If you want to help, there are two opportunities:

1. You look for a Christmas gift? Have a look at This online shop sells products from the region. 95% of the profit goes directly back to the local women who produce it. People who live close to the poverty line. Women who produce high quality products, but don’t know how to sell. Here the online shop offers them an opportunity to gain some money. That’s what KenDia stands for. It’s not about profit, but about empowerment of people. With dignity. Every product you buy will support the women to nourish their families

2. You want to give some money that our social worker can use to buy more food and distribute it to the people in need? Please contact. I will give you the details so that you can send the money directly to GAASP, our local NGO partner.

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