More Urban farming and mental health in Nairobi’s slums

The world needs sustainable food.

„My names are Dedan, Shakur, and many others. I got them from the street. I am a second born of 4 raised by a single mother. Survived in the street of Nairobi for 11yrs. With all the things that you live there: hunger, abuse of drugs, crime, indignity. Later I was rescued and taken to a place of safety. I got a chance and I took it,“ he tells me.

Today he is changing the world for the people around

Now he runs a community based organizations in the Mukuru slums and Dandora Korokocho, Nairobi. That’s an organization that cares about young people in the slums, with several activity streams.

One of his passions and activities is urban farming. „This helps the people directly and gives a meaning to the young people,“ he adds.

„We use old tyres and containers and transform them in something useful.”

Recycled tyres to grow plants

Urban farming is important for food security Dardan and his team teach community members to utilize the small place they have.

Urban farming at Nairobi – video

Listen to this video. Learn more about urban farming and DEDAN’s organisation VICCO (Viwandani comprehensive community organisation).

But there is much more Dardan and his team are doing.

Mental health is real big issue and youths from 17 -21 are committing suicide. I have witnessed 11 cases from my community in the past months. That’s why we are conducting 1. Boxing classes, street soccer and basketball to try and cub the curve. And the acrobats class!

2. We conduct waste collection every week to reduce communicable diseases 3. We sensitize community members on the importance of having a healthcare cover or insurance. And also escort pregnant women at night to deliver safely at nearby hospital and reduce maternal deaths rate in my village….. 4. The newly project is internet connection. It’s essential to learn and share. We have WiFi in our office so that small community members with smartphone can access and learn new things. And also share what is happening. We speak with one voice and use the power of social media.”

Please contact if you want to know more.

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