A training with huge impact – albinism in Kenya

Last week we conducted our 3 days of Albinism Awareness training in Webuye. With the help of our partners Golden Age Albinism Support group and Positive Exposure we from Making More Health educated county officials, police officers and other community opinion shapers on the fir treatment of Person with Albinism. With the knowledge and resource they now have, they can educate others in their community.

They were also provided with resources so that they too can share the lessons learnt with others within their community.

Some of the major takeaways were that Persons with Albinism need to be referred as such and not by the use of derogatory terms such as ‘mzungu’, ‘zeru zeru’, ‘litondo’ or any other names that do not portray them as human beings. The teachers also reminded the government that sunscreen and prescription glasses are essential in the life of any person with Albinism and should therefore be provided to them.

Besides teachers also County commissioner, chiefs, social services workers, pastors, police officers and environmental officers and village elders were trained. All in all around 60 people.

A webinar session and testimonials reported about their life with albinism

The training went also on Media

4 TV stations have highlighted the event,and 5 radio stations in the region,“ informed Chris, our local NGO partner from GAASP (Golden aging albinism support program) in Webuye.

The situation for people with albinism is challenging

It was only a few days ago when Chris rescued a child with Albinism, a child of 2yrs who had been kidnapped by unknown person and had been planned to be sold because of being with Albinism. It was a terrible experience. The child had been given some drugs and slept since 11AM and the door closed since that time…

Raising awareness and sharing knowledge is key to hopefully create a better future for people with albinism in Africa. This training will hopefully contribute and have a big impact!

Listen to what a clinician said about the training

A clinician participated in our albinism training

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    Amazing work

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