Our MMH house in Webuye – first constructions are done !

The MMH house in Webuye, a center for more health and more income

All started last November when we rented a small house to run the first training sessions on health and income generation.

In the Covid crises it was A central place to share information on hygiene and to produce soap more than 130 families and people with albinism joined. And the number of interested people to join, learn and produce is growing.

Also offering toilets and hygiene training sessions is part of our activities.

After a few months it became clear the former rented house was not offering enough space and opportunities to grow our activities. Therefore, some weeks ago we bought in close collaboration with our local NGO partner GAASPP (golden aging albinism Programm projects) some land with some old houses on it – with enough land around to keep also some chicken and doing some farming.

The MMH house in Webuye, Kenya

Now we are very happy to see the first house ready to be used!

The video above gives you some insights. We will continue to prepare the campus to empower even more people living close to the poverty line!

There are a lot of health and animals awareness programs planned in the upcoming months.

Tomorrow, we will start a training for teachers, local health workers and influencers to raise even more awareness on the topic of albinism. In the three modules we expect ca.60 participants.

“This week from Wednesday to Friday we shall be having information sessions trainings on Albinism being done in the MMH office. Doctors, nurses, midwives will be on 16th, Wednesday, Teachers on Thursday and provincial Administration or the security people on Friday,” says Chris, leader of GAASP.

The trainings have been prepared together with the Making More Health Initiative and also our partner in Nairobi, Positive Exposure Kenya, will be part of it and support actively.

The old MMH house

Animal health training sessions and women health will be on the agenda soon.

Stay tuned!

If you are interested to learn more and to support one of our programs in Webuye (income generation, training sessions, farming, water) feel free to contact.

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