Empowering others means to empower many – how networking empowers us in the fight against COVID19!

Our two social entrepreneurs help each other to make more health happen in the communities in Nairobi

A few days ago we supported Positive Exposure Kenya, one of our local partners in Nairobi focusing  to support people with albinism.  we run several activities together. Now, the Covid19 crises is giving all additional challenges. Big ones. We gave them the means to produce masks and to help in this way to share the masks among the people with albinism community, but also to create some income for the people in need. All have lost their jobs and no income any more…

Also in Nairobi, we collaborate with Francis Gikufu, leading a social enterprise named Mukuru Angaza Academy. He works with young people in the slums. Here no one can pay for masks. Still, our partners are working and distribute soap and hygiene knowledge in the slums…

The Mukuru Angaza Director this afternoon received masks donation from the founder of Positive Exposure-Kenya.

“The Masks shall boost on ensuring that the team and volunteers are well protected as we continue with the Covid19 awareness and sensitization in Mukuru Slum. The Masks are 100% cotton and have double layers which ensures that one is more protected. Unlike most other masks, these are comfortable to use. We will use this idea on making more from our training center in the slum.”

We are happy to see how cross-connecting and co-creation pays off. We hope that these masks will make a big difference. Everywhere.


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