A digital game to improve handwashing around the globe

Alive 365, winners of our Venture4change program, develop digital platform to improve handwashing

We are proud about Alive 365. Alive 365 is a group of Kenyan students who have participated in our Making More Health venture4change program a few months back in Nairobi have developed a game to bring more hygiene to children in the slums. And successfully implemented. In reality, not on paper only.

A decisive moment in the whole social entrepreneurial learning curve and course was the contact with Francis, one of our social entrepreneurs who has grown up in the slums. And the learnings the students got from a field visit and talks with people and teachers in the slums. The direct experience. That’s how the engagement started.

Today, they plan to bring more hygiene to children all over Kenya and the world and a big vision

Alive365 is advancing the physical game Usafi na Bao by launching a digital platform that will surely help in cubbing the Knowledge gap on COVID 19 and General hygiene. With the Kenyan government rolling out it has potential to reach more than 23000 public primary schools in Kenya through a cross platform application in the Digischool tablets issued to students…

Just have a look at the digital idea

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