Two worlds – same planet

That’s our world

We hope that restaurants can re-open soon, that the days with work and children at home will end soon. We hope that the economic loss will not be too big and our standards will not change. And that our holidays will be possible – what if not? But it will get back to normal. Soon. Then we can continue to grow and “live” again – most of us. In all directions. We are happy. Are we happy? At least, we have choices. And yes, of course, we will care about the climate issues, things will change for better, of course… finally some rain this week, at the weekend hopefully sun is back. And then we need to think about deglobalization, sustainability, Friday’s for future…

And what about them?

Most of the people could not afford to buy soap. They cannot even buy food or medicine. Thousands of farmers and families struggle. The lockdown is life threatening.

The Making More Health Community of People with albinism (PwA) in Kenya has achieved a lot in the last weeks. They have produced high quantity of liquid soap and distributed it to elderly, neighbors and strategically important places in the town of Webuye to help to fight against Covid19.

The PWA have shared the knowledge on hygiene measurements. They were very engaged in distributing food parcels … They have been interviewed by the media. People wondered how PwA could be so different and do so much for the others … (normally they are seen as people who live out of the normal society, excluded, outsiders and often at risk to be hurt, even killed…).

PwA have contributed to the new Making More Health school

They have produced 120 tables for the new Making More Health school that should have been inaugurated in April, but due to COVID19 and curfew will be opened in the next months only. Today, all tables have been transported to the new school building… with a lot of joy and pride.

Issues solved? Not at all… they have just started: Floods, emergencies, rich vs poor

Now it’s the floods because of heavy rain, causing a lot of damage at the houses, displacements happen, the extremely high prices for food, the lack of being able to buy seeds and fertilizers makes life extremely difficult – consequences of climate change… As our NGO partner writes:

“Our main issue for now is how to support our vulnerable people in regard to farming so that we can enable them to be self sustainable after the heavy rain, which is causing flooding and carrying all that was on the farm, some have not planted as they don’t have seeds and fertiliser. After the 3 month support on food they can be able to take care of themselves if we support them. However I have also requested the supplier for food stuffs to bring for May. The prices are just abnormal following the covid.19 pandemic and floods. The rich from the cities come and buy what is there. For prices we can never afford.

So far 5 of our families with Albinism have been affected by the floods, too. Houses fallen for 3 families in our community, 2 family are displaced by floods.”

Different worlds, different choices.

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