What do you know about albinism? Free for download training. Make more inclusion happen!

Help to share knowledge on albinism and make more inclusion happen!

Together with our local NGO partners in Kenya, we have developed a knowledge training folder to share more knowledge about albinism. People with albinism (PwA) in Africa often are excluded from society. There is a lot of superstition and misbeliefs around – in all social levels – leading to prejudices, exclusion and a lot of violence against people with albinism: from being ignored and not accepted by family members, and treated bad by teachers to being constantly in fear to become rape victims, victims of amputation of extremities (some People think there might be gold or a virility drug) … PwA are one of the most vulnerable communities.

It’s time to change. Time to bring more knowledge about albinism to society and to end this cruel doing.

This knowledge folder is free for download available on our my.mkaingmorehealth platform. For teachers, formal and informal health workers, NGOs and all who are interested in this topic.

Let’s put together our efforts to bring more inclusion into our world! Do share the material with interested stakeholders to help raise awareness about the condition!

Download the albinism knowledge folder!

The folder contains information that is useful to educators, students, parents, and friends of people with albinism. It talks about proper eye and skin care for people with albinism and also shares knowledge on how to create a conducive learning environment for students with albinism.

Many thanks to all our local NGO partners and my Kenyan Making More Health Team colleague for making this happen!

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