The rainy season makes it even more challenging

It’s rainy season in Kenya. A lot of mud and humidity- especially in the rural areas. Many people are sick. It’s high season for cough and cold as well as other infectious diseases. The situation has never been good. With the Corona virus spreading around the situation is dramatic.

Huge challenges for elderly and differently enabled people

Especially for the poor and within this population the elderly and differently enabled this season is critical. And Covid 19, curfew and fears of survival make the situation even more life threading. Many of the elderly and differently enabled live in homes with damaged roofs, windy doors, muddy grounds. Sometimes they just sleep on the ground without any protection. They walk barefooted and suffer from hunger. Their children often live in the cities. They have lost their informal jobs and cannot send money anymore. The neighbors often cannot help neither.

A woman we visited during the distribution of liquid soap lives in her house going down with rain. The roof is damaged, she sleeps on rags. It is difficult for her to find a dry place where to stay.

How can we bring her soap and talk about Covid19 protection only?

With some small help, some iron sheets and voluntary workers her roof has been repaired. She gets food packages. And beddings. And soap.

Our MMH house provides food and more

Our MMH house where normally our families with albinism meet regularly for health and income generation trainings has become now a storage house, too. Food has been delivered in sacks and is distributed to people in need. Some food and support offered by Making More Health has been delivered directly to households …

Communities of people with albinism are very vulnerable

“Today’s activity was very timely as some of our people with Albinism had gone without food for 2 days. As the breadwinner they were depending on to get food was working on peoples farms and had become sick and had been admitted in hospital, hence our person with Albinism had been left with children but because of stigma and lack of resources they opted to go hungry. Thanks for the support. At least they will have something to eat for a month.”, informs Chris, our local partner.

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