“Sun lotion chicken“ for our people in Kenya

This week the people with Albinism who are in our Making More Health community received some chicken. This will help them to generate some income. The days before they got some training on how to make sure that the chicken are treated in the right way and how to grow them.

The poultry is an important step to enable them to care a little more for their health conditions. With the growth of the chicken and the eggs they can sell they will be able to buy some more food and … sun lotion.

Sun lotion as one of the biggest health challenges

In average people with albinism need three bottles of sun lotion every month. But in regions where people with albinism have no daily income and are living close to the poverty line it is not possible to buy the skin protective creme. But sun rays are the biggest enemies for people with albinism. Many of them are highly at risk to get skin cancer, even at a very young age.

If you can help to buy some more chicken, please contact or donate via https://paypal.me/pools/c/8lytfzZm8b

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