Trainings at Kenyan school with students and parents started

Two days ago, parents of the school in Kibisi (Western rural Kenya), have been trained on safety in their homes and on the importance of maintaining cleanliness at home to make more health happen. These parents are the parents of about 750 students visiting a very old school in a very bad condition which we are going to rebuild. Safety was one of the topics where the parents, students and teachers were very much interested when we asked them.

How to avoid risks starts often with being aware about risk factors in the household, in daily traffic situations and very pragmatic knowledge on how to act in certain risky situations.

The safety trainings are part of a much bigger training program.

Also income generation is a huge topic

Often they can just prepare one meal per day for themselves and their family members. The children sometimes get just one meal at school. The families need to improve urgently their income, e.g through small business set ups. The situation of finding even small jobs around is very difficult.

The families are very poor. In most of the cases they own some small piece of land, maybe chicken. Owning a goat and in rare cases one or two cows means already to do a little better, but it is still not enough for a decent life.

Developing means developing WITH them, not FOR them

Often the farmers here need to improve the agricultural production. That’s why besides health and safety trainings we have set up also regular farming lessons. And besides trainings we work together with them on social issues, build infrastructures and work on microentrepreneurial solutions so that they can earn more money.

Looking for partners to build a sustainable ecosystem

There is no health without wealth. No technical innovation without social and cultural development, neither. No progress without the acceptance and the active involvement. No progress if they do not develop themselves in a way which they feel it is right. We do a lot. And we need partners ( locally and international, internal and external – from many different backgrounds) to build a sustainable ecosystem that helps the people to go ahead on their own. If you are interested, please contact.

Buildings, roads, energy, water, vocational skills, devices… the list of what can help is not complete. Small and big things…donations, investors, experts onsite.

“We need urgently also hygiene articles!”, explained a student’s mother.

The inauguration of the new school building is announced

The training happened at school in the makeshift structure done by parents to rescue children from harsh weather conditions.

Parents were also notified of the launch in the first week of April 2020!

That’s the day when we will inaugurate the first big construction of the school. We are all looking forward to it!!!

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