Christmas Donations for People with Albinism in Kenya needed! Please help!

You might have seen already that I engage a lot for people with albinism in Kenya.

In Kenya and the countries around in south East Africa the average number of people with albinism (PwAs) is much higher than the world average.

These people live under very poor and life threading conditions. Often they are victims of sexual violence and cruel attacks as some people believe that they can cure diseases such as Aids by cutting them fingers, arms and legs, violating and killing them.

There are no jobs for these people and also at school they have often no chance.

Albinism is a genetic condition. The lack of melanin conducts to a very specific skin condition and some eye issues. Due to poverty many PwAs can not buy enough sun milk, hats and long sleeve clothing. That’s why many of them are cancerous. Daily life is Many teachers at school and parents don’t know enough about these need and conditions… there is a lot to do.

In WestKenya we have built a Community of 40 PwAs. Parents, children, elderly and babies. Regularly, we run health trainings. And vocational trainings. We do hygiene days and help them to make their houses safer.

I need your help

This year for the very first time my people want to celebrate Christmas together and need food. Ideally, we can give them also a small gift: some bottles of sun milk. And maybe a personal small gift.

I need 1000 EUR in total.

Can you help?

If so please send me a short note at for the transfer/bank details.

Thank you so much. And Happy Christmas!

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