Also we celebrated Christmas – for the first time!

This is our Making More Health house in Webuye, West Kenya where since a few weeks our community for people with albinism meets regularly for vocational trainings, for health awareness programs and just for staying together.

A few days before Christmas our community decided that they wanted to celebrate Christmas together. here in the Making More Health (MMH) house, the first time in their life leaving the houses for Christmas where they celebrated for years in a hidden way alone, often without any food and any friend or not at all.

“…this is how PWA celebrated their xmas today, in our team we also have one woman who is amputated and today she was awarded a wheel chair. The occasion was graced by our county women representative and our own area member of County assembly who is also living with Albinism,and colleague”, informed Chris, our local social worker on the ground who helps us a lot to make more health happen and really cares for the people.

“i explained to the visitors of the county assembly about our modes of operation and activities, the trainings and meetings in the MMH house. And I wished our peopke with albinism Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I gave them your xmas wishes. They expressed deep appreciation for making them have Christmas.The 1st ever Christmas for them in Western part of Kenya,and maybe it could be the only one ever to have happened in Kenya to PWAs”, explained Chris.

After singing and praying, after enjoying food and staying together, they left very happy.

That’s Christmas!
Thanks to Chris and Cleo for supporting us so much to make change happen. Thanks to the county assembly people who help. Thanks to my people with albinism – you are great! Seeing your joy and hope – that’s Christmas!

We are still looking for some donations. The people need most of all sun milk and glasses. And some donations for more vocational trainings. They produce bags and sell them. If you can help, please contact me!

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