Our school grows in West Kenya and we engage. Because a good school needs more than just a good building

We are happy to see that the school construction which we have started under the Making More Health Initiative is going on. After the ground work the first walls are visible now. More than 700 students and teachers will be hosted here.

Education needs a wealthier home, too

In the meantime, we have started also some trainings on animal health and other vocational trainings with the students’ parents.

Many students are very poor, the parents have not enough means for good food, school materials and general supportive items for the growth of the children. This has a huge impact on family life, but also on the daily school life.

The school depends food- wise on parents’ contributions.

Often the children have no breakfast at home and the school meal is their only food during the day. So more income and enough nutrious food is one essential part for the development – for students, teachers and the families behind.

That’s why we do not only build a new school but need to find sustainable solutions so that the whole system that supports education will work better. Most of the families are into farming and agriculture. If they learn on how to cultivate and grow animals in a healthier and more productive way, it will have impact on their daily life – and also on their children and school life.

A lot of activities to make more health and wealth happen where also our employees engage are coming in 2020…

We will keep you informed.

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