Changing perceptions and more skills for PwAs – on health and farming

Peer to oder training on hygiene and health topics
Peer to oder training on hygiene and health topics

During a farmers’ training in West Kenya people discussed on the stigma and discrimination from People with albinism (PWAs) point of view.

Changing perspectives is key

Changing perspective helps to create more understanding for people who seems to be different. The more visible the differences are the more difficult it becomes to be seen as normal. But: if all our differences became visible who would look ‘normal’ then? It’s really a crazy world, based so much on what we see only.

It’s what we see that leads to how we judge

It needs much efforts to judge other people in a way that goes much beyond ‘impressions’: Empathy and awareness are the key elements to change on how we see and perceive others. If we learn to see not just through the eyes , we change on how we act.

People who look different are often excluded from “our”world. That’s why visible differences much more than invisible ones lead to aggression and non- acceptance in society.

What happened during the training this time?

ThIs time during the now regular meeting of our community of PWAs and relatives in Webuye, a person with albinism taught on community safety, on hygiene and sanitation and did hand washing demonstration. Peer to peer education. All parents were tasked to ensure that they all have very simple, but functional hand washing tippy taps in all their homes by end of December.

Engagement of our Last Mile Team with people with albinism

“After the demonstration and explanation on hygiene importance, we created a viable plan on trainings in regard to last mile dairy and poultry programs with the parents. The last mile guy was also present and will help with respective training lessons,” explained our local social worker and added: “… our people with albinism and their relatives can now smile. They are able to make beautiful bead’s, handcrafts and have an office where thy can now operate their enterprise from. Thanks a lot for the skills given. ”

Handicrafts made by our PWAs in Webuye
Handicrafts made by our PWAs in Webuye

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