Great news for our Making More Health school in Bungoma – construction works for school in rural West Kenya have started

Today, I received the first pictures from our local partners: the construction works for the new school building which we plan under the Making More Health Initiative have started. The old school building needs to be destroyed. In a few days the first stone for the new building will be laid down. In February, the first part is planned to be set up and the inauguration will take place. More than 700 students and teachers from rural areas will benefit from the building. The conditions of the last years were really challenging: broken roofs, damaged walls, much too less space ( more than 70 students in a very small teaching room and a very poor infrastructure for meals and toilets made the student’s life very difficult. The teachers had no space for preparation and storage of books and other materials.

Within the next two years the new construction should be completed. Additionally – from next year onwards – several health trainings for the teachers, students and parents will be set up. Stay tuned!

If you want to see how it looked in the last and get some more information, please have a look here.

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