This was different from other hackathons – what students think about our V4change program 2019

The winners of our Making More Health Venture4change program 2019 in Nairobi have been announced. Congratulations to the the team Alive365!!!

The students from the Kenyatta and Strathmore University have participated in six learning modules, visited the slums, developed an idea on hygiene for slum habitants, pitched in front of a high level judging board and then implemented the idea. Finally the had to evaluate the learnings and activities.

Alive 365 could convince the jury with a very simple, but impactful idea on how to raise the awareness on waste and waste management while collaborating closely with school in the Mukuru slums.

The duration of the whole program was 8 months. The students engaged in it in addition to the normal studies. And some of them have already announced that they have already started to continue the active implementation – independent from being announced as the winning team or not. “We all have learned a lot about Shared Value approaches and entrepreneurial acting. We have learned that we can start doing things and changing people’s’ life even with a low budget. It’s a lot about our mindset where innovation starts from,” says one of the students. “This program was so different from others”, adds another student. Why?

Listen to the interview ( video, ca 4 min) please excuse the bad noise in the background, but it was heavily raining)

Many thanks to all who have helped to make this program such a success: first of all to Sabine Emmerich from MMH who dedicated a lot of working hours and passion to share the “MMH virus” with the students, but also to all our speakers, our social entrepreneurs Francis Mukuru and Jane Waithera as well as Access Afya, James Shiwakti from IREN, the professors of the two universities, our colleagues in Nairobi and from Dubai and Duke’s Innovation in healthcare team!

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