Safety trainings for schools in Kenya – that’s health, too!

The Making More Health safety book for schools and students in Kenya

Elisabeth works with children in Langos, Kenya’s 2nd largest slum
Elisabeth works with children in Langos, Kenya’s 2nd largest slum

The safety book is our basic training material for teachers, students and parents in Kenya. The book contains topics such as how to ensure to make schools safer, eg that there are no strangers in the school yard, how to teach about safety for children, how to lower incident risks and how to raise more awareness in children to be safer.

Health posters summarizing the main issues are completing the training book.

The material has been worked out by a retiree of our Boehringer Ingelheim company in close collaboration with our African students in the company from the Afrika kommt! Initiative (a German governmental program) and some local support of our partners in Kenya.

It shows daily situations and how to avoid incidents. Explains why safety measurements are key while driving. How more safety can be achieved at school, for children, for women.

It’s about simple, easy measurements that can be taken. It’s about raising awareness. It’s about prevention.

If you are interested in it, please contact. We offer the safety book for download free, esp. to teachers, NGOs and other interested organizations in Kenya.

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