Human rights starts on the ground – People with albinism meet farmers

It’s always on the ground, in the reality outside offices where change starts or not. When messages change ways of thinking, perceptions and, most of all, behaviors. When information and change goes beyond sectors and is not clear only to people who deal with it on a daily basis. When it reaches the ground.

When farmers discuss rights and inclusion of people with albinism

Today, more than 150 farmers have joined one of our regular farming trainings, called Last Mile trainings.

Our local coordinator and social worker Chris took the opportunity to inform and discuss with the farmers also human rights and particularly also to advocate for the rights of people with albinism:

That’s what Chris says:

We are advocating for the rights of Albinos, in the community, to reduce social injustices. We have to ensure that they can participate and are included in community work. That they are respected.

The background

One of our activities in Kenya is supporting people with albinism. We have launched a website and collaborate closely with the Positive Exposure NGO in Nairobi. Our albinism-related activities in Western Kenya include trainings on health and income generation for people with albinism, teacher and parents. One focus beyond that is to advocate for human rights, too. Inside and outside communities of people with albinism.

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