A chair for life – thanks, colleagues!!! By

I met Molly in Homabay. A young woman with three children and a 27 years old husband who had an accident recently. With huge consequences. Paralyzed. Molly who needs to care for him. Molly who tries to earn some money with growing some small fish eggs. Still waiting that this business will start soon ( see also https://gokenyagofuture.com/2019/10/09/322/) Molly who fights every day a lot to make her family survive. Her husband, Omondi, cannot move. The whole day he stays inside, just laying or sitting at the same place.

Money? Well, finding some small job here and there. Often not enough for the family.

With the donations of some employees of my company we could help. A little bit. Omondi needed a wheelchair to be able to move again. To participate in the social life. To be able to think of excercising a small job. To help his family to grow. To feel useful.

A wheelchair that attracts attention

It was Molly and her husband to decide how the wheelchair would look. Her husband wanted to have the opportunity to carry stuff. To find somehow in this way also a possibility to work. To set up a small shop maybe.

The wheelchair looks different from a high standard wheelchair in the modern world.

It is a simple one. And for sure not the most comfortable one. But fancy anyhow. And a tool to go back to a better daily life.

Good luck and all the best for Molly, her husband and her family!