Health trainings for farmers – diary farming, tippy taps and safety

Under the umbrella of our Making More Health Initiative in rural Western Kenya the trainings with farmers and farmer cooperatives have started. There are regular meetings where our colleagues from the Last Mile program teach farmers about Animal Health and farming. And sessions where daily health topics such as hygiene and safety issues are on the agenda.

Today, Chris our local partner and social worker on the ground has written:

“I was in the field for Making More Health today, at Kibisi. I trained farmers on Tippy tap’s importance, and on safety at home, Together with the colleagues from the Last mile activities we run also a training on Dairy management. Thanks a lot for your support…”

Health starts in everything we do. Giving an understanding in these training on how more health can happen – in a very holistic way on how to define health – is key.

That’s why besides animal health trainings for farmers also health topics such as hygiene and safety are on the agenda!

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