Why managers need exposure on the ground and what is the learning for a NGO?

There are a lot of presumptions when managers talk about emerging countries and how it might look on the ground. Often the knowledge is a learned one only – through facts, figures or third parties who do research. But is this enough to really understand what is needed, what can create a benefit and maybe lead also to a market preparation?

We offer leadership and innovation weeks on the ground.

There is nothing better than real exposure and learning on the ground, together with the people and NGOs who live and act there. We offer these leadership and innovation weeks also for managers from your companies. All profit out of it is donated to social organizations. We do it because we believe in co-creation and in a better world if we put our energies together. If you are interested see http://www.innovindia.org and apply.

What does our NGO partner think about it?

What and how to do the next steps together on the ground where people live close to the poverty line?

We asked our NGO partner in Kenya, where we run also shared value projects on the ground together… working with farmers, with people with albinism, with schools and in the slums: what do you think about these innovative learning weeks where business people and NGO meet and explore together the next steps of what and how to do the next steps on the ground?

Listen to Chleophas, our NGO counterpart on why he thinks this week together with managers makes sense – video (2:26 min)

We asked additionally, what he thinks is the benefit for him personally:

That’s what Chleophas describes as a win for himself and the NGO world – video (1:16 min)

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