When girls suffer and drop out of school because of menstruation

Golda, founder of The Golden Girls Foundation
Golda, founder of The Golden Girls Foundation

By end of September 2019 the newspapers in Kenya reported about a suicide of a teenager girl. She had committed suicide after having been blamed at school because of bleeding…

Many girls and women in Kenya and many other parts of the world. have huge challenges – every month, again and again.

They don’t have the money to pay fo sanitary pads, feel “dirty” and have. Huge lack of understanding on what is ongoing in their bodies. The even worse thing is that also teachers and family members often blame bleeding women and superstition, unhealthy and dangerous hygiene practices and shame are elements which make the menstruation issue to a worldwide challenge. Many girls don’t go to school during their period. Women cannot get access to kitchen or family members.

In the Mukuru slums in Nairobi we have organized a menstruation awareness day for girls. Ca 100 girls participated. We have invited Golda from the Golden Girl Foundation in Kenya to share more knowledge about menstruation. We were able also to distribute menstruation cups and a lot of panties.

Listen to Golda from the Golden Girls Foundation, Kenya on what she is doing:

Video: https://youtu.be/e86SkQ6w4To

Pads are expensive and a big issue for the environment

That’s why besides menstru cups also washable pads might be a good alternative. In Homa Bay I visited a Selfhelp group producing such washable pads.

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