Nice memories from Homa Bay

Homa Bay is a small town at Lake Victoria. There is no big tourism although the surroundings and landscapes are very colorful and attractive: The fishing boats, the fishing markets, the Homa hills … the town itself is built along a bay and has ca. 65000 habitants.

Also one of our Making More Health Social Enterprises is here: “Healthy entrepreneurs” – Joist van Eugen, the founder, has started his activity here due to a big lack of medicine accessibility. But there are even a lot of other infrastructural issues. The Cold Spring Hotel is the only really high standard hotel. One, two nice guesthouses are around.

Indeed it is not really easy to reach Homa Bay. There is no direct train connection. Kisumu, the next airport is a two hours drive way. A ferry from Kisumu to Homa Bay is planned, but not working yet.

However, it’s a town worth a visit

There is a lot of green land around. In some parts it seems that time has never passed. An interesting visit for sure are the fishing ponds. The owner of such a pond land engages a technical manager who grows fish eggs into small fish. Not too easy, as the temperatures and the oxygen level has to be under control. The land is rent out to individuals or groups who build then ponds. Once the fish reaches a size of 0,5 cm it is sold to the pond holders who in some weeks grow the fish to a size of 3-4 cm before they start to sell it again to others.

The lake with its islands and the fish markets are amazing. A lot of birds and animals are around. The lake has its own sounds.

But also a lot of environmental issues. Caused by many different factors. Overfishing, plants that take away the oxygen and raise the water temperatures, fish from remote places which now destroy the natural habit. Hopefully, some activities will be implemented to save this amazing place.

Just enjoy some nice pics.

For me and my Kenyan friends it’s also a nice memory, a moment I will not forget.

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