Managers on tour: loosing control, gaining disruptive insights, creating shared value! Join us!

The Insights weeks, started in 2015 under the umbrella of the Making More Health Initiative, are making a difference for the participants and for society. These are leadership & disruptive innovation driven weeks with a Shared Value! Now opening up to managers and decision makers from your companies! Because we can change the world for better only when we connect and do it together!

How it works?

7.15 am breakfast. 8.00 am program start. End:

Many field visits and discussions. In the slums, in the rural areas. Reflections about leadership skills, but also various types of innovation and asking questions we never ask following our routines. Learning a lot about relationship management and disruptive ways on how to think business while adding value to societal issues. And doing a first concrete step while delivering a practical training at the end of the week to those in need.

Some limitations in terms of luxury, in terms of accommodation and availability of goods. Nothing really bad, but tangible. Not knowing always what’s going to happen next. Loosing a bit of control… in the evenings informal meetings at the terrace. A long and sometimes tough experience, but disruptive and insightful with a lot of emotions and interactions with local people living close to the poverty line.

The intent of the week:

  • understanding the real needs of underserved populations
  • interacting with them
  • experiencing how health and wealth connect to each other and why healthcare cannot stop at health treatments
  • learning about social entrepreneurial thinking and activities
  • Getting insights why thinking and finding responses to both, societal needs and business, creates bigger wins than just being in one of these two artificially separated worlds only.
  • Developing innovative ideas to think business solutions of tomorrow
  • Challenging the own perceptions on how things are, how business should work and becoming a better leader.
  • Preparing and running a concrete training for people close at the poverty line

The list is even longer as there are so many personal learnings, interactions and unforgettable moments. And most of all the purpose of what we do and why.

Training business skills to farmers in West Kenya
Training business skills to farmers in West Kenya

Shared Value – Making the world a better one by combining business and societal needs

“This leadership experience is about our why. I say this to my daughters. I just showed my family those photos and to my little daughter’s question “why do you go to work?” and “why are you sometimes late?”, explains a participant.

From all my heart I thank all the team for dedicating time and effort to particpate in creating a better lives for our people. I know my farmers have benefitted a lot and more results are expected, and I promise you guy’s many people’s life’s will be transformed due the training you offered,” adds our local NGO partner.

Are you a manager/decision maker in a company and interested?

Then have a look at our next week ( for managers and influencers of companies from various backgrounds. The next tour is planned for February 2020 in SouthIndia (Bangalore and most of the time in rural India).

Application deadline: 30 October 2019.

Costs: 3000 EUR plus international flights – no profit. The money not needed to cover the real costs of transport, national flights, stay and food will be used for projects on the field which you will visit.

Challenge yourself! Learn for life and go for creating win- win!

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