Childhood in the slums

October,10th is a national holiday in Kenya. Today, there is no school. It has rained last night. The small pathways are muddy, when I walk through the Mukuru slums today to visit my friends.

There are many children around the shops and in the front of small huts. What they do? They look out for friends, play, talk, laugh and cry, are loud or rather quiet. Some of them play with broken wheels or paper waste, and “discover” the surroundings. As many other children around the world.

There are many children doing the same things – all around the world. And also parents who care or not, are proud of their kids or indifferent. Although the surroundings may look different.

In a few days there are exams at school. In the slums some women prepare nice recognition certificates for sales. Parents will buy them and hand them proudly over to their children.

Why do we make such big differences and try to separate our worlds into so many boxes? Shouldn’t we work together beyond cultures, money and profit thinking to make the world a better one?

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