Social entrepreneurial Leadershipweek in rural Kenya has started

More than twenty managers from different countries and different functions have come to Kenya to participate in a very disruptive leadership week under the umbrella of the Making more Health initiative from Boehringer Ingelheim in close collaboration with our partner Ampath*. While these leadership weeks have been done for more than four years already in India in a rural setup in a very successful way this leadership week will be the very first one in Kenya. The approach will be similar: field visits, experiences, Idea exchanges beyond traditional networks, but also challenging tasks to engage the managers to think in different ways and – to interact in a training set up with people on the ground.

Innovation starts when we start to ask different questions and to embrace unusual partnerships

We asked which expectations the managers have – just some minutes before starting the week: Watch these short interviews (Video 1:05min) – just an hour before the program starts….

You want to know in more details what is on the agenda? Well, the managers don’t know either. That’s part of the very disruptive leadership training approach. They just learn in the morning about the day planning: create win- wins, go with simple, authentic, agile, impactful solutions. Act beyond any boxes which separate business and social world – these are the main challenges and learnings of the week.

If you are interested, just come back soon.

*AMPATH is a partnership between Moi University, Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, North American universities led by Indiana University, and the Kenyan Government. Together, we work to build holistic, sustainable health in Kenya.