Kicking out diabetes in the Langas slum of Eldoret

Kicking out diabetes – under the umbrella of Making More Health we engage in the Langas slum in Eldoret, Kenya. MMH peers are educated to raise awareness about diabetes when soccer teams play.

The number of non communicable diseases is raising everywhere in a very obvious and dramatic way.

But knowledge and treatment, esp in low- and middle income countries is very low.

It’s definitely time to change the perception and the level of engagement also in poor surroundings to avoid that in the future more and more people will die from NCDs.

In Langas, the 2nd largest slum in Kenya we organise together with Solasa/Solwodi sport events. Trained MMH Health Peers use these sport events to inform about diabetes and how to avoid it.

See also the video

So, let’s kick out and raise awareness!

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