An app for more women health in Kenya – a collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute

Women of the farmer cooperative in Kenya testing the women health app

“Yesterday, we had a wonderful time with Clarissa,“ shares Vera, the leader of one of our partner NGOs (Core Health & Wealth Family) in Bungoma county, Kenya.

Clarissa, an employee of the Frauenhofer institute in Germany builds – together with the Making More Health Team from Boehringer Ingelheim – an app with all basic knowledge on menstruation issues and other women health topics in Kenya, especially for women and adolescents living at the poverty line.

Now, Clarissa has traveled to our Making More Health Centers in Western Kenya and meets at the moment local NGO leaders and our communities in Langas slum, Eldoret and Bungoma county. Together with the women, she checks the app’s usability and collects feedback directly from our community members.

“Clarissa introduced the app, the girls had the opportunity to explore the app and finally they gave feedback by filling the questionnaires, and by verbal feedback. It was quite impressive. They were very excited to learn issues concerning their bodies, more so on menstruation. Their questions on painful menses among others were answered and it was amazing…”, added Vera.

Soon the app will be ready. And the idea is that the knowledge will be shared among all our partner NGOs and related communities. This will help more than 50000 women in Kenya just from our network (system changer network) to learn more about women health. And there are many other partners who might also benefit from it. Isn’t this amazing?

Thanks Clarissa, thanks Frauenhofer institute for making this happen!

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  1. Guadalupe Borsa says:

    Great initiative!! Thanks for sharing, Manuela


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