More mental health for our farmers in Kenya

Mental health trainings for our farmer cooperative members in Tongaren, West Kenya

“On Tuesday we did our first mental health programme. The topic was about goal setting and how the farmers can contribute to mental wellness. These goals help us to face the future with anticipation and not apprehension. It’s was so exciting, people didn’t want us to conclude”, explains Vera Wanyonyi leading the Family part of the Core Health and Wealth NGO (CHW) in Bungoma county, Kenya.

Mental well-being is one of many important puzzle pieces to develop the farmer cooperative members and families.

It is offered in addition to many other “concrete farming“ training units: This includes innovative farming practices as rich vegetables, fish and hydroponic farming, bee keeping and black soldier fly breeding and a huge project on kitchen garden set ups. Furthermore, establishing sustainable solutions to optimize water issues and early childhood development.

However, farming skills alone are not sufficient.

Every farmer, every women, men and children are not just farming, but also in need of solutions that comprise basic business and digital skills, more health awareness and infrastructure. That’s why many farmers have been participating in many different trainings over the past two years and there is a lot of trust among all.

Trust, and mental health are a significant part of the success.

Mental well-being is key – because without even the best programs and training units will have a limited success only! Our farmers and their families should know how to overcome stress and create a healthier surrounding. And they should believe and trust in themselves – and in a better world.

Thanks, Vera and thanks to our local mental health trainer!

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