Digital skills are key – also for rural and vulnerable communities

Digital training in our farmer community at Mbakalo ward, Western Kenya

We have more than 1 million (!) health apps in the world, digital knowledge is the access to knowledge and key for business success. Still there are millions of people who don’t know how to use the Internet, how to do calculations with excel or how to write a letter on the computer. That’s why our vulnerable communities in Kenya – farmers, parents, women and men in the slums – are trained now.

After the first distribution of many laptops within our local partner communities the digital training sessions have started. The participants are people who in normal life – due to the very low income situation – never had access to high level digital education before.

“There is a great impact of the training,” says Cleophas, the local NGO leader of Core Health and Wealth. “We have asked for some feedback from the participants…we have volunteers from the parent centre, ladies working in handcrafts…weaving and jewellery – farmers and other community members we have trained…”.

Listen here what a young lady shares: Video

The training sessions will continue and include all basic digital literacy that is key to be successful in today’s world. Here and in Webuye and In Eldoret. And hopefully also scale to more of our nine partner communities across Kenya. Because digital literacy relates to income, it relates to more health and to general more knowledge. Having digital skills means also inclusion, don’t you think so?

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