Ready to be challenged? Where marginalized people and managers meet and act together. Our MMH guesthouses in Webuye, Kenya

MMH GAASP guesthouses under construction

In WEBUYE, Kenya, close to our MMH house where every day health and hygiene training sessions, but also income generating activities take place and especially families with albinism and elderly come together, we are building also some guest houses. These guest houses will serve people with albinism coming from an outreach of over 400 km and give them the possibility to stay overnight. In addition, these houses will host also our companies managers during the Leadership weeks.

The constructions started in 2021. By August 2023, the first first will be welcomed. The guest houses – besides hosting all – will be a place of cone together and exchange, of learning from each other and of celebrating together.

Our MMH guest houses at the beginning of 2022

The work in the guesthouses has started six months ago. Now the first three houses with three one and double bed rooms and bathrooms each are set up. In the next months, the dining hall, an open meeting and barbecues place will follow.

Right in time to become also the home for our company manager at the beginning of October 2022 when we will do these two Leadership and learning weeks – in the middle of the village and in middle of the people.

“It’s the experience with the people in the village that makes the difference. We are not going there as visitors or tourists, but as learners and as doers. It’s a week of understanding each other, of understanding how the different aspects relate to each other, to see the system behind, of talking and acting together. This includes also a very concrete training for the village people at the end of the week that will be worked out by the managers during the stay – based on the local needs. To prepare this training it is essential to understand first – and to build trust…”, explains Manuela who is running all the community activities within the MMH initiative and has conducted many Leadership weeks in India and Kenya since 2015.

It’s a life experience that stays.

Many of our colleagues are still connected to that experience after years. For some of our people it was even life changing… !

There is an opportunity also for managers from other companies – Innovkenya and InnovIndia weeks!

Are you interested in such an experience in Kenya or India, too? Do you want to understand more what sustainable action requires and test your agility? Ready to be challenged out if your office?

For the first time in November 2022 (in India) and in February 2023 (in Kenya) , we plan such kind of innovation and managerial weeks also for all interested stakeholders from other companies and organizations. It’s a week that will allow to interact very closely with our communities, village people, farmers, women and men living at the poverty line. A week of experiencing, understanding and interacting. And of learning on both sites.

The Innovweeks target CSR managers, company owners and sustainability managers who are interested to understand, experience, test their own agility and are ready to learn more about integrative and social entrepreneurial approaches.

In case you are interested, please contact for getting the flyer with all details. There are still a few placements left.

Innovkenya week: first half of February 2023. A InnovIndia week: 05 – 12 November 2022.

It’s also a place to talk to the local authorities and government

Recently, also the county commander visited our MMH house and the MMH guesthouses to see on the progress of our projects.

“He was impressed with the progress and with what we are doing to the community. This is the top government security official in the county,” says Chrisantus, who is leading our local NGO partner from GAASP ( Golden aging albinism support program).

It’s a place where people from different worlds come together. And you are very welcome to join, too!

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