More schools get involved in our awareness programs about albinism and health

Awareness training sessions in Western Kenya

Today, our local GAASPP – MMH team visited one of the schools in the neighborhood that host our community children with Albinism together with our children who have vision problems.

“We taught them on hygiene, enhanced advocacy and trained the staff on how to handle children with Albinism,” explains Chrisantus our local project manager. “These training sessions help a lot to raise more information about this specific condition and to raise a better understanding. But we don’t limit to talk about albinism to people with albinism only. It’s important to see and discuss also the general health topics, hygiene, personal care, menstruation etc. that’s why we have jumpstarted also the formation health club in this school.”

The teachers and the children got enough soap to enhance cleanliness at school More training sessions will follow. These training sessions are highly appreciated by all.

More Health at schools

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