A great day – an important school inauguration in Bungoma county

Under the umbrella of Making More Health the St Paul’s Kibisi Primary school was inaugurated

A few days back a great event has taken place: the inauguration of the school which we have built under the umbrella of Making More Health in Bungoma county, Western Kenya.

The school for more than 750 students was in a very poor and even dangerous status when our local project partner and myself visited the first time. Too crowded, no sanitation, unsafe construction.

The old school building

Now, the first part of the new school building is ready and we all are very proud of it. In the upcoming months more classrooms will follow.

A school that got also the attention by the regional government

Even the governor of Bungoma county, Governor HE Wycliffe Wangamati, gave a speech. Together, with the minister of education and the vice chancellor of the Moi university and many other people he had joined the inauguration. So exciting moments! Just have a look:

Bungoma county Governor HE Wycliffe Wangamati making his remarks

“It was a big joy to parents, teachers, the county Governor, the MoI university vice chancellor, the vice chancellor of the Kibabii university, Ampath and the entire community. Great work has been done and all accepted to make this school a centre of excellence and a model in this region. All appreciated the efforts we are doing to the community as well – under the umbrella of Making More Health. All the activities we run together, while empowering parents and farmers of this community.

We gave face masks to students and teachers and to the public, and to the farmer groups that we are supporting. All this was graced by special speeches from the MOI University officials, Ampath, GAASPP, community stakeholders, and the Governor and other officials. So many attended the occasion,” says Chrisantus, our partner from GAASPP.

Many people are joining the inauguration of the New school.

It’s not just a new school building, but also a starting point for more

Besides the construction of the buildings a lot of training sessions have already been kicked of and more are planned. Training sessions that will raise more health and hygiene awareness and help the parents of these students, mostly farmers, to grow. A large water purification program has taken place, safety training units, our huge albinism awareness program, the MMH training center… there is still a lot to do. We will engage. Together with the local people, teachers, students, NGO partners, social enterprises, and our employees we will work on it to create a real longterm impact.

Thanks to all who helped to do the first steps together.

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