Why HOPE for the young generation in the slums makes a difference!

If there is hope, the sky is the limit!

It’s hope and learning about themselves and their talents that empowers young people to grow!

Francis Gikufu, a social entrepreneur, has grown up himself in the slums of Nairobi. After some very difficult years as a young adoloscent he got support and learned on how to make real impact happen – for himself first and from there he started to engage for many other young people in Mukuru slums. He founded the Mukuru Aganza Academy in Nairobi. He offers active listening, builds trust and offers training sessions for young people:”Empowerment, hope and mental health are key for a young generation that otherwise does not have any chance to grow.” The video shares some insights and impressions and how a young man, Shakur, grown up in the slums changed and got some hope back for a better future.

Video: Just have a look at it!

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