A health and meeting center for women in the slums in Eldoret

Contractors working on the floor slab of the new health and meeting center for women in Eldoret, Langas slum

Langas is the second biggest slum area in Kenya. Here in Eldoret, together with our NGO partner Solwodi/Solasa we build a Health and Meeting center for women and children. In a few months the old small houses where they meet and are trained at the moment cannot be used any more.

We, under the umbrella of Making More Health, have started to run some health trainings here – in addition to the income generation activities and child care Elizabeth, the local NGO lead has built up. Young women are trained as hair dressers, tailors , shoemakers…, young children get kindergarten care and elderly can meet and talk. They all learn -also with theatre plays- about health.

The demand and need for more training sessions and also more space is high…

After preparing the land now the first building phase has started.

Health and Meeting center for women in Langas, Eldoret – The back door view

“The work of putting up the foundation and floor slab is successfully completed. The next phase which was partitioning and building the walls to the First level is done. The next level is putting the slab to separate the ground and first floor. As mentioned earlier the Steel used to construct the Resource centre had a height where a second floor could be built.

The Resource centre ground floor is sub-divided as follows: • The reception area• A store room• 3 Washrooms• A small kitchen• Two Offices• A big hall where we shall have the Library and Computer ( resource materials) • A small corridor for stair cases.”, explains Elisabeth.

A gate is needed

“We decided to buy a gate with the little money remaining given that it was not enough to start the next phase. The other reason was for security reasons; the centre is located along the road and everyone had access to it through the fence that had fallen off and having no gate. With the fence now repaired and the gate the access to the centre is now limited”, she adds.

The gate from outside with the side door open.

Despite the Corona Virus pandemic, construction work has been going on very well with 3 staff members volunteering to follow up and supervise the work accordingly.

The staff planting flowers and trees around the resource centre compound

Some other staff members volunteered to plant trees and some flowers around the resource centre compound which is almost one acre in size.

The next construction phase will start soon

In the next months we plan to finalize the center in a way that the first trainings can take place and the children and women can find a place where to go when the old center is closed down.

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  1. Elaine Wheatley says:

    Langas Estate needs much help and support. I pray that the angels of the Lord will do a sudden work for Eldoret, and the Langas Estate in Kenya!


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