Drinking water issues in Homabay – water purifiers urgently needed

Willis, a climate change ambassador explains the difficult situation with drinking water

The situation of the people in Homabay who have lost their homes due to the floods of the past weeks is critical. Willis, a local climate change ambassador explains how the situation looks at the moment. Just watch this Video.

With the donations of some employees we could provide some support for clean drinking water. Here, in Homabay the heavy rainfalls – as in many other parts of the country , have led to severe challenges for the population: lack of clean drinking water, clothes, food and drugs.

Making More Health provides some water purifiers to the fishing women community

“I have organized a place where some of our fishing women and their families can stay safe. Still, it is very difficult …, they need everything. Also soap, that’s why we have started to work on that, ” tells me Cavin from the WaWa organization. “Thanks for supporting our soap production. I am training more people and I have a big challenge getting chemicals for them…”. There is a lack of access to raw materials,too.

If you can help, we collect some money here: https://paypal.me/pools/c/8oVrp6LUjU

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