If you care for us we have a little of hope to survive

“I had to make some stands for mounting the vessels. I educate them about personal hygiene and handwashing procedures as well as other ways of preventing the covid.19. I told them about the need for safety and keeping distance.”

In our Making More Health communities – farmer cooperatives, villages and neighbors, especially the elderly- we are distributing every day several vessels of liquid soap. Soap that is produced by our community of people with albinism in Webuye, Western Kenya. Our local NGO partner GAASP distributes, coordinates, educates… every day.

Many are surprised. They did not expect any help. Many are hungry. For days now they had no income. They all have no jobs anymore. No one who cared about them. They are helpless. Not even knowing what to do against the virus they have heard of.

When soap gives hope

All are very thankful for the soap and the information they get about hand washing and some other protective measurements they learned about. “If you do this to us who didn’t know what to do …then we have to stick to what you are teaching us. If you value us we should stay with hope and be sure of tomorrow, even if we don’t have what to eat.” Hope has been restored in this household.

We have started to collect money for food. If you can help, please donate at: https://paypal.me/pools/c/8lytfzZm8b or send me a note (see“who are we in menu”) to get all local contact details so that you can send money directly.

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