Is this soap eatable? Dying from Covid 19 or from hunger?

People will not die from COVID 19 but die from hunger – can you help? Please read then!

The situation is very critical. And it gets worse every day. In Webuye, a rural town in Western Kenya and in the surrounding many people have no access to food anymore. No jobs, no money, the prices for food get higher and people from the next city come and buy what they miss in their own area.

People say they will not die from Covid, because they will die from hunger before

The most vulnerable, elderly and all stigmatized people have no access to food anymore.

Our local partner Chris writes: “All food stuff has tripled in prices and prices are still escalating. A few stores still have food stocks and are willing to sell, but more and more people have no possibility anymore to buy the basics. There is a lot of hunger and poverty. Also in our communities, esp for the people with Albinism and the elderly. Some people go without even a single meal a day. Some going without a meal for even 2days. “

We empower 85 people with albinism and their families. Fifty people out of them have participated in many health and hygiene trainings in the past and produce liquid soap now. They help to inform also 90 elderly who live close to our Making More Health house and lots of soap is transported to the villages around.

“One time an elderly man almost took the liquid soap I handed over to him for handwashing and for cleanliness in the home as he asked me if taking that soap can also help him as he had gone 2days with out food….”, adds Chris and continues: “It is not just him, but there are many people like him…!”

For the food support of these 85 people with Albinism and their stigmatized families and ca. 90 Elderly and for continuing the soap production and transport we need 15000 EUR per month. Means ca 500 EUR a day. And ca 1.5 EUR per person per day (300 people in total). Minimum.

Can you help, please? If so, please donate at: or send me a note (see“who are we in menu”) to get all local contact details so that you can send money directly.

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