Our people with albinism construct desks for our school

Our people with albinism community builds 120 desks for our Making More Health school

„Yes, I received the donation and by yesterday already 5 desks were ready, built by our community with people with albinism. Thanks to your employees who made this possible”, said Chris, our local partner and social worker from Ampath/GASAAP in Webuye, a town in Bungoma county in Western Kenya.

Work in progress in front of our Making More Health house

There is a lot of energy around. Inside the Making More Health House and outside. Hammer, sews, wooden smell – one of the people with albinism is very experienced in joiner’s work. He coordinates and makes sure that the desks look really nice and are qualitatively well done. The desks are being made of indigenous hardwood. “These desks are there to stay, “ he says.

Some others help where possible. There are also some woman. They are mothers of our children with Albinism who came today to make liquid soap. And stayed longer as they helped with doing the polishing of the desks.

“There are a lot of helping hands to have everything ready for the inauguration of our school in April. This is a double win. All people here are proud to contribute to the new school. They feel needed and proud. And they get paid”, explains Chris.

The next four weeks will be busy. The school inauguration will take place in April. By then all should be done. Good work to our community!

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