Raising awareness at schools about albinism

Chris, my local social worker visited schools in Bungoma county in Western Kenya. Here we run a lot of projects with farmers and people with albinism. Chris went also to the schools where our children with Albinism learn and had staff meetings and discussions with teachers on how to handle children with Albinism.

Some basic requirements teachers should be aware of when they teach children with albinism

“Often these children sit too close to the windows and their is no glass in the windows; it’s just open wholes where the sun rays go through and hit those children”, Chris explains.

“Children with albinism should sit in places where they are protected from the direct exposure to the sun. They need a type of clothing that covers their skin. Sitting close to the board is important as these children a shortsighted. Only in this way they can follow the lesson and read what’s on the board. They need sunglasses and mine very important item they need is sunscreen lotions. ”

Chris distributes also hats and washing liquid soaps.

Drama festival planned

The teachers still require more teachings on this issue.

And we will do. We plan a huge drama festival to raise more awareness at schools and to engage school clubs in the region to participate. Stay tuned!

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