Liquid soap for a better life made in our MMH house

Today our community in Webuye prepared for the first time liquid soap.

In our community which consists of many people with Albinism (PwAs) and their relatives in that rural town in Western Kenya soap is not available and the means to buy a piece are not there at all.

So, in our Making More Health (MMH) house together with our local NGO partner GASAAP we have run a session on how to make liquid soap.

People for people
The people with albinism who were trained will continue the production. Each of the 55 households with PwAs in Webuye which are connected to the community from today onwards will be getting 3 litres of liquid soap monthly made in our MMH house.

The MMH house gives the PwAs a safe place to meet, share experiences, learn and celebrate.

Soap as income source

“The same liquid soap shall be sold and it will create income for our people,” says Chris, our local social worker,” people with albinism have normally no or only a very little income. They are escluded from society. Often they got no chance for a higher education. And if so, here in the rural area it is very difficult to find a job. For everyone. For our people it is nearly impossible. Many thanks to Manuela and the whole Boehringer Ingelheim team. The Making More Health initiative makes so much difference for our lives and health”, he adds.

One of our employees will do a more profound workshop on soap making and basic business skills in March with them. There is still a lot to learn. We are sure that this will be a big win for the community, but also for our employees who engage!

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