Farmers enjoy soap making – a disruptive health and wealth program in Kenya

Life in the rural areas is not easy. Farming itself, but also hygiene practices and income generation are huge challenges.

That’s why we offer practical trainings on how to produce soap and cremes. This helps to get access to hygiene articles, but also to create some extra income source for the rural population. Just see what happened during the training and enjoy- we had also a lot of fun!

Watch the video!

Watch the video!

Complex needs require complex solutions and the support of many

These activities are done under the umbrella of Making More Health*, an initiative that combines social and entrepreneurial thinking and goes beyond the traditional organization activities while including many other partners (such as other companies, NGOs, universities, and the own people working in the company with many different expert skills). In Kenya we partner with Ampath, Solwodi/Solasa and many other partners. For the soap making we get also the active support of the university in Eldoret.

Besides some income generating activities and awareness trainings on health also a profound farming training, “Last mile”, based on ongoing sessions take place.

Many thanks – Asante sana to all who help to make this happen!

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