Ever seen a small paradise in the slums in Eldoret?

It’s very busy today in Langas, the second largest slum in Kenya. Here in Eldoret is market day today. At the right and left along the main roads in Langas an uncountable number of vendors offer a bit of everything.

It seems that people join the main roads coming “out of nothing”: Small doors in the steel sheets, tiny pathways to the right and left which lead to the inner slum areas…

While walking on the main road my attention is caught by one of these steel sheet holes: a man stays there at a hole in the sheet walls and behind him … I can see a huge green garden!

He might have seen my surprise and with a very friendly gesture he invites me to have a look inside.

“It’s this Mama who has set it up. We grow sweet potatoes, vegetable, green and red amaranth, bananas, avocados so we have always some food to sell.” he explains.

Then he calls her, the “Mama” of this green paradise. “With this activity we could build also a small house. It took years, and in our Rich world eyes it might look shabby, but it is indeed much better than most of the places people live in.

The loudness of the slums is mixing up with the sounds of nature here inside the garden.

Want to listen and see more?

After explaining proudly all plants we open the steal sheet door and are back in the muddy, crowdy streets of Langas. Mama has come with us to say goodbye.

This woman has a garden in the middle of the slums

This woman has a garden in the middle of the slums

Thank you Mama Paradise for this unexpected fantastic garden tour in the slums!

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