A day for people with albinism and without – because inclusion is key

A working day to prepare our event for 27 Sep - and celebrating a birthday
A working day to prepare our event for 27 Sep – and celebrating a birthday

On Friday this week we will launch Be in – Be out, a mobile website for people with albinism and all those being close to them.

The launch day takes place in Nairobi, Kenya and is run together with the team from Positive Exposure.

Be in – be you is an information source for people with albinism, parents and relatives, midwives and doctors, teachers and all who want to know more about life with albinism.

We don’t focus on medical aspects only, but want to create a source that empowers people.

Did you know that the ratio of people with albinism in Kenya is not exactly researched but is considered 1:1500? That there is still a lot of very bad things happening to the people because of ignorance and myths?

But also in daily life situations,,, yesterday a young very inspiring lady with albinism told me about her big dream to become a doctor. But she does not get access to the studies, not even to basic health studies because of her eyesight, she is told. I can ensure, she can read and write very well…

We hope that we can raise a lot of awareness and create empowerment. It’s time to think differently and to empower people who are put out of society.

We expect teachers, midwifes, parents, journalists and of course people with albinism and other skin diseases. We will discuss with them how we should improve and complete our web source – to make it as useful as possible to them – with them.

Watch out – mire info will come this Friday!

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