Students in the slums – because experiencing means creating better solutions

A students tour through the slums

Yesterday, as part of an ongoing social entrepreneurial program and pitch (Venture4Change) that we run in Nairobi, Kenya with students from two universities, an exciting event was on the agenda: A tour through the slums – together with young people living there.

An eye-opening experience and a win for students and young people living in the slums

The students have participated in the last weeks in theoretical sessions on social entrepreneurial learning and have started to develop own ideas on how to make more health and hygiene happen in the slums. But theory and real experience sometimes differ. As one student said:

“We had no thought that this (situation in the slums) was as serious! We took it lightly and crafted a solution only to find that the problem we had pictured in our minds was not there on the ground, but looked quite differently.”

But it was also an exciting and meaningful day for our social entrepreneur in the network, Francis Gikufu who himself had grown up there and is running the Muganza Academy in the slums now – to empower young people while using video and filming as a means to raise more self-awareness and teaching some basic professional skills.

He had asked some young people to take over the role as guides for the students. They were very excited and proud to make this tour happen! And they have done a real good job!IMG_1534

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