Meeting the president

I’m very happy to see our “Afrika kommt!” participant Elizabeth and my colleague visiting and discussing with our German president. “Afrika kommt!” Is an initiative for African students offered by the German Government every year. Students can apply and if accepted they will stay one year in Germany, working 8 months in Corporates. The other months they get exposure to German culture and participate in training modules, visit several cities and learn more about Germany.

Making More Health and Afrika kommt!

That’s what Elizabeth from Kenya says after nearly a year being in Germany and having worked 8 months with us at the Making More Health initiative from Boehringer Ingelheim: “A day at the German President’s Palace at Bellevue, Spreeweg, Berlin!! It is was such an honor to be invited to the President’s Schloss! Today, I was a delegate!! It was such an experience and the interactions with everybody in attendance was something to keep in #archives ! Life is a very interesting journey for sure, this is where it has lead me!” 😎

I’m sure that this collaboration is a win for everyone here in Germany and in Kenya, too!

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