Sex for fish – HIV and abuse at the Victoria lake

WA-WA Kenya  aims to stop  ‘sex for fish’  practices by  empowering  women and teenage girls around lake Victoria.

“Our main goal is to address social inequalities between men and women which is resulting in a lack of recognition of their  rights, very restricted access to opportunities and to power: this results in difficulties to major economic activities thus forced  ‘sex for fish’ is the alternative left for them,” says Cavin Odero.

Cavin has founded the NGO Wa-WA
What he and his team do?

They offer trainings in key areas such as agriculture, knitting, paultry rearing to empower the girls. With the aim to make it possible to them to live and support their families without selling themselves for sex.

WA-WA is able to equip beneficiaries with proper techniques, methods and ideas they need to start up and manage a sustainable livelihood around the fisher communities.

Just have a look at this Video!

The poster shown above explains what Cavin want to do for girls just to end teenage pregnancies, femicides, school dropouts, HIV/STIs.

If you are interested and/or can support, please contact.

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