An interview in Kenya about schools, students and challenges

A rural school building for those who cannot afford a private school
A rural school building for those who cannot afford a private school

We arrive at one of the primary schools here in Bungoma county, Kenya. Many schools have very poor infrastructures and are in a poor status. In all the schools there are hundreds of children. The school we visit might be good at hosting 400 students. But the number of the students is growing every day: actually, around 700 children sit in the classrooms. The number of teachers is far too low, the boards are broken. The water filters do not work. One toilet for girls, one for boys. Many children just have one meal per day.

A new school building under the umbrella of the Making More Health Initiative

There is a lot to do. We will set up together with the local ministry, the headmaster and teachers, students and parents a new building and start a hygiene and health program. We will need to do more than just a building: Engaging the parents, empowering the community. Step by step.

Because education matters. Because we believe in the future. And because together we can do so many things. The concrete planning has already started.

Chris, our local project manager and partner explains the situation. Just watch the Video or copy this link:

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